Let’s Make Difference Together

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Blue Aves Foundation

At Blue Aves we firmly believe that critical thinking and scientific approach is essential to find lasting solutions to the challenges of the 21st century because quality of human actions is determined by the quality of human thinking. As the world gets increasingly interdependent, building practical and sustainable alternatives shall become essential to bring about change.

In support of the society we have floated the `Blue Aves Foundation' that promotes critical thinking and scientific approach through educational and professional participation. The Blue Aves Foundation is a not-for profit organization that aims to work in areas of rural education and preventive health care. The Foundation aims to promote creative learning through scientific approach, push for educational reforms and promote preventive health care for all.

The Blue Aves Foundation's mission is to create a network of individuals and progressive organizations through public dialogue to bring about social change in the areas of rural education and preventive healthcare. This shall be achieved through indepth analysis of critical issues and timely implementation of solutions. The Foundation aims to play a significant role in transforming its areas of interest through exchange of scientific and innovative ideas and through promotion of preventive health care.

The long term goal of Blue Aves Foundation is to transform rural education and health care sectors by following a scientific approach and by finding practical solutions to problems.


  • Establish

    More conducive teaching and learning environment through close contact between teachers, students and local communities

  • Analyze

    Existing teaching and learning practices and suggest creative and scientific techniques to enhance learning.

  • Enable

    Local primary health care centers to promote preventive health care through increased awareness and the use of our unique `EDPU' preventive healthcare platform.

  • Promote

    Overall reforms in the curriculum and books.

Blue Aves Foundation shall seek collaborations with state run educational institutions and primary health care centers across India to improve the quality of education by promoting innovative teaching and learning methods, educational reforms and preventive health care. Attempts shall be made to: