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Prevention is Better than Cure

Empowering Healthier Futures

Preventive Healthcare

With Artificial Intelligence supported treatment modules

Blue Aves has been instrumental in developing a Preventive Healthcare Screening Platform ´PHSP´ that connects various stakeholders in the healthcare industry such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients, and, delivers quality preventive healthcare through scientific, intelligent and evidence based exchange and control of patient information. PHSP is Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory.

A doctor examining a virtual brain using advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment purposes.
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PHSP endeavors to detect and prevent most non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cancer in the early stages through Artificial Intelligence supported treatment modules. It provides a user-friendly overview of each risk factor, details various treatment modules, suggests relevant examinations and diagnoses and presents the final synopsis of all examinations, diagnosis and treatments in a quick, easy, objective, reliable and comfortable manner. The Platform is being operated for Dubai government under the name E-etmenan.

In order to support PHSP, Blue Aves conducts continuous research and endeavors to equip the professional caretaker with user friendly and innovative tools and concepts leading to establishment of best clinical practices in a responsible and economic manner.

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  • A yellow circle on a white background, representing simplicity and harmony. Predictive
  • Blue shield with white circle, symbolizing protection and unity. Preventive
  • Blue gear wheel icon on white background. Personalized
  • A computer monitor on a yellow background. Participatory

Full Risk Stratification with Comprehensive Coverage of Most Non Communicable Diseases